SMS Barcode system is often used in mobile marketing, virtual coupons and tickets and CRM and represents sending an image with a barcode by SMS to a mobile phone. SMS Barcode can be saved in the phone and used later as a discount coupon, access to an event and lottery games, etc.

There are many uses for a SMS Barcode, you just have to imagine it: you will never wait to a queue – you get to the event, presents the barcode on your mobile phone screen, go to a special barcode scanner and you have instant access to the event.

No paper invitations (which most likely you forget them at home), leaflets or other additional things … but only with our mobile phone! The system works as follows (we will use e-ticketing as an example):

A consumer visits the campaign site, reserve a seat and offer online payment details. The Barcode that certifies the reservation is sent to consumer on his mobile phone. It saves the barcode and when reaching the location, shows the virtual coupon which is scanned and the entry is approved.

Barcode SMS solution can be used as:

  • e-ticketing: places management system (restaurants, cinemas);
  • m-ticketing: virtual tickets systems, event tickets;
  • m-voucher: vouchers delivery systems, discount coupons, promotions;
  • m-pass: Hotel CheckIn system, security/login systems, etc.


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