Case study

Example of: loyalty, customized communication, various types of prizes

  • Concept: GRIJA
  • Objectives: generate trial of the range of products and loyalty, increasing the market share
  • Mechanism: every unique cod corresponds a letter: G, R, I, J or A.
  • Prizes: with a letter registered in the promotion a participant can win a daily prize of 100 Euro or a weekly prize of 500 Euro.
  • Only by subscribing codes and forming the GRIJA word the participants could win one of the 3 monthly prizes of 10 000 Euro each!
  • Channels of registration: The first promotional campaign in Romania which has 4 channels of registration: SMS, Web, Info-line and Facebook.

The first Facebook application in Romania which permits registering code in promotional campaigns

Facebook Milli - Syscom Digital

Activation – Results

TARGET: unique participants which registered for the 2010 “Milli te trimite in vacanta in Austria”

PERIOD: in the first day of the 2011 promotion

SMS TEXT: – different message for every unique participant from who there were available detailed data

Milli activation results - Syscom Digital

Activation-conclusion: By creating a so called privilege, you establish a brand-consumer connection.

Milli build it’s database in 2010 at the first brand promotion, and used it having very good results and continues to increase it.

microReactivation – Results

microReativation Milli Syscom Digital

Conclusions: segmentation of the database and the well chosen target brought a record response rate!