Integrated campaigns

Integrated campaigns

We „train” innovative marketing resources in different combinations to obtain maximum response from the target. A unitary concept of marketing combine unconventional digital methods with traditional marketing methods. The impact of campaigns in which multiple mobile (and online) marketing tools are integrated is much higher – a challenge for both company and consumer.

Why use multiple tools? Because:

  • classical methods (simple SMS or website) will become banal and unattractive over time;
  • the variety of communication tools used will draw the client’s attention and interest and pull it out of routine caused by conventional campaigns;
  • using multiple independent tools allows consumers the possibility to communicate with the brand through the way that he prefers;
  • from the mix of all instruments you can choose 2 – 3 or more, which prove to be the most appropriate depending on the proposed objective and in correlation with the particular target.

Syscom Digital organizes for its clients integrated online and offline campaigns, communicational mix of technologies such as SMS, MMS, WEBM M-WEB, WAP, Bluetooth, Barcode and Voice,
offering customers digital communication platforms, especially automated applications: SMS2E-mail, Email2SMS, SMS2Call, Call2SMS, Web2SMS, SMS2Wap, Web2Call, SMS2Barcode.

Over the years, it has been proved that we obtain the greatest satisfaction of our customers gratitude, so it is vital that we adapt their needs with precision.

To organize a successful campaign it is important  to use a wide variety of communication tools, thus managing to attract public attention and interest.

Based on the experience accumulated over the years, Syscom Digital team has gained the ability to create a seamless mechanism for each client.