SMS Campaigns/SMS Promotion

SMS Campaigns / SMS Promotions

Promotions are the best tool to interact with consumers, receive something from them and give them something in return. To make a campaign reaching as much of the proposed target, we know that we need to understand what the customer want.

In terms of costs it’s better: we reduce them by half!

  • We don’t have contest coupons printed anymore, but flyers announcing the competition and explain to people how to participate;
  • The full regulation may be available online at a normal rate phone and a newspaper with national coverage;
  • We save the space given to a physical urn;
  • We save human resources for the urn guard;

From the operational point of view:

  • We provide legal support in creating and operating regulations;
  • We provide complete periodic reports regarding the participants activity;
  • We create a recent and active database that can be reactivated by a SMS Push every new promotion.