Digital Services Team
Syscom Digital team activates for over 10 years in the mobile marketing field and has an extensive experience in marketing-telecom up to 16 years.

We are all different, but together we form a dynamic, proactive and dedicated team.

Syscom Digital is a collection of individuals who chose to pursue one or more common objectives. It is true that we are in an individual competition but the training for the competition is better realized in a team environment.

None of us has the possibility of creating on our own this environment: it needs a team and this is “YOUR Mobile Marketing Team!”

For us, mobile marketing means more than 160 characters in a simple telephone message.
The pattern that guides our steps is the one of the Matrioska dolls, which symbolize the path of our evolution and success.

The Matrioska dolls are metaphorically used, to express the relation “ similar object into another similar object” and are part of our motto “ Ideas perfectly combined…. integrated services of mobile marketing”. Behind every Syscom Digital project are complete and complex services, with well thought and defined steps.

We offer our clients integrated strategies in digital marketing (online and mobile), which combine efficiently the online marketing tactics with the ones from off-line. For us, creativity goes hand in hand with the innovative techniques of new media, in order to achieve easily quantifiable results.